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Jul 2, 2020

Matt and Scott discuss the fact that Matt, who is has been asymptomatic, tests positive for COVID-19 during a random screening. In this first episode he discusses his mindset and what his positive test means for a larger subset. 

Jun 26, 2020

Special mini-episode where Matt reenacts a speech given in 1886 by Alf Taylor that could be given today.

Jun 14, 2020

Matt is joined by guest host Kay Fellows and Naomi Minhas of the 50 Shades of Red podcast to discuss the current chaos that has consumed our country.

Jun 1, 2020

Eddie joins Matt to co-host in Scott's absence to talk riots, the press, voting by proxy and more.

May 14, 2020

Scott and Matt get together to discuss some of the most talked about COVID conspiracies.