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Mar 26, 2019

The guys are joined by author and attorney Tara Ross, noted Electoral College expert, who breaks down the current push to eliminate the Electoral College and why it’s important that it remain a part of Presidential elections.

Mar 19, 2019

Scott puts Ben the brain in the hot seat. Will he hold onto his brainly title?

Mar 12, 2019

The guys are back in studio and are joined by Emily Zanotti of The Daily Wire and Lady Brains Cast to discuss Tucker’s old comments, Biden’s decision, Bernie’s socialism problem, Chicago politics and our weekly AOC segment.

Mar 6, 2019

Scott is out on assignment in MAGA country, so Matt (and Ben) step up to interview the lovely and uber-talented Joy Villa, who talks about the CPAC conference, her exciting new projects, being a conservative in LA and her views on difficult issues like racism, sexism and abortion.